Beet Read: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Posted on March 13, 2012


Four Loko

A new study linking red meat consumption with an early death is making headlines today but has some very unscientific underpinnings. Bottom line: eat fewer hot dogs, more fish and enjoy a grass-fed steak when you feel like it.

The Indian patent regulator is allowing generic versions of Bayer’s cancer drug 8 years before the patent expires, in a rare but legal move in favor of patient access. The generic will be sold for $174 instead of Bayer’s $5,500.

Some beverages labeled “natural” may actually contain synthetic, petroleum-derived caffeine. The FDA requires caffeine be listed on the label but not whether it is natural or synthetic, and it appears some manufacturers are taking liberties with the word “natural.” (But you already knew not to trust product packaging.)

Four Loko Part 2: An “inhalable” caffeine shot that made waves in January is actually not supposed to be inhaled and must amend it’s advertising accordingly. Respiratory caffeine intake has not been studied and the FDA intends to keep AeroShots from becoming the next party drug.

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