Beet Read: Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Posted on March 14, 2012


CDC edamame

The natural health market just keeps growing and growing and growingglobal consumers will spend $107 billion on herbal supplements & remedies by 2017, according to analysts. The market grew steadily through the recession while other industries flagged, with middle-aged women and baby boomers are the biggest buyers.

The soy market is going in the opposite direction, after falling 16% from 2008-2010. Reasons include the fact that it doesn’t really taste that good and isn’t really that good for you.

A thoughtful NYT post encourages doctors to treat adults with the same care and comfort as it treats kids. I’m glad to see it having once experienced a visit involving an aloof dermatologist, a biopsy threat, and the words “Oh, you’re the second patient I made cry today.”  Social support improves patient recovery, so why do kids get round the clock visiting hours and adults don’t?

Another WellBlog post will turn you off of sleeping pills forever, if you’ve ever considered them. While a recent study showing correlation (not causation) with cancer and death should not be taken at face value, there are plenty of other reasons to find an alternative to sleep aids.

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