AdBeet: “Hot Dogs Cause Butt Cancer” Part 2

Posted on March 16, 2012


Marlboro Man on Palomino

I recently posted about a billboard in Chicago that uses the bold print “Hot Dogs Cause Butt Cancer” to advertise the link between processed meat and colorectal cancer. The post discussed how health ads were getting blunter and gorier, as shown in the current legal battle over the FDA’s proposal for repulsive photos on cigarette packaging. Along the exact same lines the CDC just released their new anti-smoking campaign, and it’s as gross as it gets.

With so many years and dollars behind the handsome, rugged Marlboro Man, the real look of smoking certainly needs some attention. This is actually the first time the federal government is taking on the anti-smoking campaign; usually state and local governments run the campaign, but with budgets flagging, the CDC felt the need to step in. The campaign, entitled “Tips from Former Smokers” shows pictures of long-time smokers and the toll it has taken: a double-leg amputee sitting on the edge of a bed says “Allow extra time to put on your legs.” Flip through the slideshow of the CDC’s ads, and watch one of their ad videos below:


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