Beet Read: Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Posted on March 20, 2012



Women still pay more for health insurance than men do, although the new health care bill would change that. Women pay an average of 31% more, and as much as 80% in some cases, even when maternity coverage is not included.

Ibuprofen may prevent altitude sickness, which is bad news for the makers of the only two prescription drugs known to work, but good news for hikers since those two drugs have side effects. File that away for the next time you hike to 10,000 feet.

Staying cool can help you exercise more, as shown by holding a cold thermos. Other studies have shown similar results by holding a compress on the neck or drinking an “ice slurry“.

Hospitals will start competing for the mass of newly insured patients if the health care reform goes through, as two hospitals tell NPR they are “gussying up” to attract the new market.

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